Bank of Indonesia National Clearing System (SKNBI) is one of the Payment Systems in Indonesia. SKNBI began to be implemented in Indonesia in 2005 to replace the clearing application that was previously called the Electronic Clearing System (SKE) and Semi-Local Clearing Automation (SOKL).

At present the development of technology used for payment systems in the world has been very advanced and the application of payment systems, especially SKNBI used has entered the age of 10 years, Bank Indonesia has developed the SKNBI and made changes both in terms of infrastructure and applications.

SKNBI application development has proceeded and is named as Bank Indonesia Generation II National Bank Clearing System (Gen II SKNBI) in developing applications SKNBI establishes a Working Group consisting of several clearing participant banks and in April 2014 Bank Indonesia has submitted to banks Participant Handbooks SKNBI Gen II version 1.0 (along with CD), as a guide for developing from the side of the Bank.

In the development of the Gen II SKNBI will be divided into 2 (two) stages, stage I development for Single Transfer Transactions which are planned to be implemented in May 2015 and Phase II development for Multiple Transfer Transactions which will be implemented in October 2015. Related to the development of Gen II SKNBI, To facilitate clearing transactions at clearing centers, Branches and KLNs, an interface application between the Core Banking (BDS) system and the application of the Bank Indonesia Clearing Participants (SPK) System is needed.