We also provide services and maintenance consisting of Preventive Maintenance and Corrective Maintenance

  1. Software Maintenance and Services

  2. Software maintenance services include software updates such as antivirus, programs and applications, operating systems, and other files.

  3. Hardware Maintenance and Services

  4. Hardware maintenance services include technical maintenance of all hardware parts of computers, servers, storage, networks and other computer equipment. IT maintenance includes checking functions and hardware guarantees, cleaning the CPU engine parts, monitors, input devices, printing devices and network devices.

IT Maintenance activities are intended to maintain operational continuity and performance of IT units that are used both Software and Hardware. Maintenance Information and Communication Technology activities for preventive maintenance are carried out regularly and corrective maintenance is carried out on call every time a problem occurs, or the time is determined according to the policies of each party that handles it. The reason for implementing IT Maintenance is because IT Devices are vulnerable to problems (viruses, dirty hardware, etc.) so it is necessary to make sure the software and hardware components are running well.

as a Communication Information Technology Services Company providing Services for Maintenance and Maintenance of Hardware and Software (Maintenance IT Hardware and Maintenance IT Software), IT services include:

  • Contract for Hardware Maintenance and Maintenance
  • Software Maintenance and Maintenance Contract
  • Maintenance and Maintenance Contracts for IT Networks / Computer Networks / Internet Networks
  • Hardware Installation Services
  • Software Installation Services
  • Installation Services for IT Networks / Computer Networks / Internet Networks