This application is an integrated application starting from the employee data finger module, attendance data taken from the finger print machine, permits and leave, work schedule to the payroll application. This system is integrated between Absent and Payroll software.

For more details, we show the features in this system application:

  1. Employee Data

  2. All of related to employee data can be accessed in this module. Data that can be obtained from this employee data module include:

    • Employee Data
    • Attendance Data
    • Leave Data
    • Permission Data
    • Overtime Data
  3. attendance

  4. Employee attendance can be integrated using finger print attendance machine. From finger print absentee data, it will automatically connect to the database on the machine with our database system every time there is a recent change / transaction that occurs on the finger machine, then the data will enter into the employee attendance module in the Attendance & Payroll system. The process of taking data from this attendance machine only takes approximately 1-2 minutes to synchronize with the finger machine.

    The most important point in this attendance module is that we can see the number of days entered, delays, total employee overtime after the data transfer process from the finger print machine is complete. The process of calculating the number of overtime employees is done in a system with a formula that has been determined in accordance with applicable regulations. So there is no manual employee overtime calculation, the number of overtime hours is taken from checkout hours - check hours.

    The attendance module is also equipped with an employee work schedule that functions to work scheduling. This attendance data will be used as a reference for:

    • Employee salary
    • Employee bonus
    • Reward
    • Delayed delay
    • Short message reminder for employees who arrive late or forget to be absent when they come and go home from the office

    With this attendance module, it is very easy in the process of monitoring employee attendance.

  5. Payroll

  6. What can be done with this payroll module?

    The payroll module serves to calculate employee salaries, bonuses, rewards, late deductions, attendance deductions & loan deductions according to the current period. All salary calculation processes can be done easily in this payroll module.